Special Projects

“Where I’m At” Mix Series – Volume 3

And we’re back with volume 3 of the “Where I’m At” mix series, featuring one of our oldest friends and favorite DJs, Moniker (real name: Alex Pulido). On this mix, Moniker goes back to the roots of old-school vibes, infusing funk-fueled electro and synthy house grooves, delivering a solid 78 minute retro-future flash forward into

“Where I’m At” Mix Series – Volume 2

Its finally here: Volume 2 of the “Where I’m At” mix series, presented by SubliminalMessagesRadio.com! This entry, from south Florida’s somejerk is a bass music lover’s dream. Never sticking to a pre-defined genre, somejerk (real name: John Gregory) delivers a non-stop, in-your-face assault on your audio receptors.

“Where I’m At” Mix Series – Volume 1

The first in our new DJ mix series, “Where I’m At,” drops today… We’ve got a page dedicated to the series here, as well as a post that will go up for each of the mixes (Volume 1 is here). In the next few months, there are some awesome and talented artists who will be