“Where I’m At” DJ Mix Series

Proudly presented by Subliminal Messages Radio, the Where I’m At mix series was conceptualized to give DJs a chance to do something a little different.

Each mix is like a snapshot of the artists at a specific time in their lives, careers and musical tastes. The song selection is completely up to the DJ, and meant to be a chance for them to showcase sounds that they may not be “known” for.

Volume 1 : Mixed by SP (March 2011) [Info & Description]
SP - Where I'm At: Volume 1






Volume 2 : Mixed by somejerk (April 2011) [Info & Description]
somejerk - Where I'm At: Volume 2






Volume 3 : Mixed by Moniker (May 2011) [Info & Description]
Moniker - Where I'm At: Volume 3