Where I’m At: Volume 1

Welcome to the first in a continuing series of mixes from the Subliminal Messages Radio family and friends.
[The main page for the series can be found here]

The concept for this series is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now. As a fan of all types of music, I always find it hard to put together a studio mix that represents me as a DJ, as my tastes are constantly changing and evolving. I think we all go through phases in what dominates our tastes as certain times, whether its just a mood we’re in or a specific genre of music we’ve found ourselves immersed in. With that in mind, and having so many similar conversations with other DJs, I decided to put together this mix, and have my friends contribute  mixes of their own if and when the mood strikes them.

The title of the series, “Where I’m At,” was the simplest thing I could think of to describe the concept, and what you’d be listening to. Basically, this is a representation of where I’m at musically: the songs, artists and labels I’ve been hooked on recently.

Each mix – whether it be from me or any of the others involved – isn’t meant to be what you’re used to hearing from us… or maybe it is. It’s totally up to the DJ.

With that, I present to you the first in the series, mixed by me:


SP - Where I'm At: Volume 1

I’ve been really feeling the stuff guys like Instra:mental, dBridge, ASC, Blu Mar Ten and labels like Nonplus+, Autonomic, Auxiliary and others are pushing right now. I’ve been referring to it as “autonomic,” based on the name of the label and the sound that its become known for, but I still hear it as drum & bass… just at half tempo. For me, its “Sunday morning music,” the type of stuff you can put on – early in the day, late at night, whenever – and just vibe out. Enjoy!


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