About the Show

Subliminal Messages Radio currently streams Tuesdays at 6pm eastern time on Bassdrive.com and Twitch.tv/TheRealDJSP.

The first Subliminal Messages radio show went on-air in August of 1997 at WKPX-FM in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The show left WKPX in 2000 after a highly successful 3 year run, as SP graduated Piper High School, the home of WKPX.

Throughout the last two (plus) decades, the show reappeared on the web via outlets such as LeetRadio and AftershockRadio. During that time, the show was co-hosted by Methodus and featured guest mixes from some of electronic music’s most forward thinking DJs and producers including John B, Hydraulix, Unknown Error, CYBANK, ASC, Alex M, The Blotnik Brothers and more. SP also kept busy with audio and music production and DJ gigs around south Florida. After taking a temporary hiatus, Subliminal Messages resurfaced in January 2009 at WFCF, where SP was the Student Station Manager and hosted a morning drive air shift. After graduating from Flagler College, SP was asked to stay on at WFCF and continue hosting the show.

In 2013, Subliminal Messages left WFCF, as SP focused on his professional radio career. Off the clock, SP continued to co-host Revival Radio – a drum & bass formatted radio show – with Methodus on Bassdrive.com, which he’d started working on in 2012, until he took it over completely. Due to multiple reasons, SP stepped away from Revival Radio and Bassdrive in 2016.

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, SP found a renewed love for music and production, and re-focused on it. The logical evolution was to restart the radio show in a format anyone could access: livestreaming. He started a Twitch channel and began broadcasting Subliminal Messages Radio every Tuesday night from his new location in Charlotte, NC USA. It didn’t take long before SP & the staff of Bassdrive.com reconnected once again, and Subliminal Messages Radio is now available on both Twitch and Bassdrive on Tuesdays at 6pm eastern time. Archives of the show are also available on Mixcloud (audio-only), Youtube, and downloadable from here.

More information on SP can be found on his personal website.