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24 February [Archive]

Broadcast live on WFCF on February 24, 2011.

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The XX – Crystalized (Dark Sky Remix)
Kastle – Cameraphone
Sepalcure – Your Love
Command Strange – Take My Dreams
Skinnz – Euphorbia
Foreign Beggars ft. Audra Nishita – Higher (Diverse Concepts Remix)
Goldie – Inner City Life (Sbtrkt Remix)
Riya – Seems Like
Muted – Classified
Champagne – Overhead Compartment
SpectraSoul – The Last Attempt
Jonny L – The Rave
Brookes Brothers – Last Night
DJ Fresh – Talkbox (Camo & Krooked Remix)
Hydro – Ride With Me
DJ Marky & S.P.Y. – Kinky Funky
Greg Packer – Good Times
Glen E Ston – Lemon Sneakers
Bachelors of Science – Have You Ever Tried
Nu:Tone ft. Logistics – Bleeper
Fred V – Simple Beginnings
Dan Marshall – Smoke & Mirrors
Lenzman & Switch – Ice Cold Soul
Micken, Cityboy & Jaybee – Holdin On
Command Strange & Miss Drop – Lover
Electrosoul System – On The Beach
ATP & SoulTec – Mr. JC
Calibre – No Reply
Kjell – Powerful Silence
Seba – Vanity
Noisia & Hybris – Crystalline
Hybris – Keeping Me
Ulterior Motive & FD – All That We Are
Panic Girl – Burn and Rise (Phace Remix)
Inside Info – Metrognome
Gridlok & Elhornet – Hollywood (Blokhe4d Remix)
Rollz – Get Some
Terravita – The Beat Goes On
The Prototypes – Outcast

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17 February [Archive]

Broadcast live on WFCF on February 17, 2011.

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Rockwell – Underpass
Jaybee & Sinistarr – Should I (Heavy1 Glitch Dub Mix)
Need For Mirrors – Screenplay
Command Strange – Backwards
Phobia, Jubei & Sato – Atlas
Panic Girl – Blue Lights (dBridge Remix)
Mikal – Say Nothing
Apex – Inner Space
Blokhe4d – Tears in Vain
Metrik – The Arrival (ft. Jan Burton)
Cyantific – Opium
Inside Info – Bit Rhythm
Gridlok & Prolix ft. Fats – Tru Born Playa
Jurassic – War Zone
Die – Ghet’to Bizness
Logistics & Sigma – Dreams to Reality
Night Bus – I Wanna Be You (Camo & Krooked Remix)
Phetsta – Prism
Gil Scott-Heron & Jaime XX – NY Is Killing Me
Orbital – The Box (Zeno’s Boxed In Mix)
Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Hot Mess Remix)
Phetsta – Dance All Night
George Lenton – Third
Eddie K – Starlight
Enei – Late Detroit
Spooky – Spartan (Terror Danjah Remix)
Tim Healy vs Calvertron – Rock It Roll It (Dirtyloud Remix)
Vent – Ghost
Seven – Crazy Talk
Mutt – Tekdub ft. Illgates
Kid Kenobi & MC Shurechock – Safe Sound (Dfrnt Remix)
Mark Instinct – Number One
Belle Humble – Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix)
Sa Bat Machines – Valium Gitan
Yolanda B Cool & DCUP – We No Speak Americano (High Rankin Remix)
Lightshapers – When I Fall
Bjork – Joga (12th Canvas Remix)

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10 February [Archive]

Broadcast live on WFCF on February 10, 2011

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Junior Boys – Hazel (Ewan Pearson Remix)
John Tejada & Arian Leviste – M Track 2
The S.I.L.O. Project – Falling Around You
Ben Watt ft. Julia Beil – Guinea Pig
Claro Intelecto – When the Time is Right
Yello – The Expert (Booka Shade Remix)
John Evans – Scary Beats
Kill The Noise – Pull My Strings
Wired All Wrong – Elevatin (Computer Club Remix)
The Aston Shuffle – Garden Friends (Kissy Sellout Mix)
Calvin Harris – Merrymaking At My Place (Deadmau5 Remix)
Breakdown – Feels Like (ft. NTYS)
Drop The Lime – Hear Me (AC Slater Remix)
Stafford Bros. ft. Seany B – Speaker Freakers (LA Riots Remix)
Critical – Hype the Funk (Hirsee Remix)
Far Too Loud – You Know The Sound
Hirshee ft. Messinian – Burn It Up (Lazy Rich Remix)
The Loops of Fury – Soap (Hatiras Remix)
Monster Squad – Make Me Lose It
Shab Ruffcut & Tee Ski – I’m Walking (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Kissy Sellout Mix)
LSB – Rolling Sideways
Metrik vs. Smith & Selway – The Departure
Brookes Bros. – Warcry
DJ Fresh & Sigma – Cylon
S.P.Y. – Stormtrooper
Rockwell – Noir (Ulterior Motive Remix)
The Insiders – Down at Mojo
Bachelors of Science – Strings Track (Apex Remix)
John B – Red Sky (Subsonik & Smooth Remix)
Danny Byrd ft. Netsky – Tonight (Cutline Remix)
Terravita – Break the System
Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine (Camo Remix)

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Dieselboy – Unleashed! [DJ Mix]

The American champion of DnB, Damian Higgins – known to the world as Dieselboy – just dropped his newest mix offering since 2004’s “The Dungeonmaster’s Guide.” The best part about it – other than DSL’s flawless mixing, fitting 56 tunes into 73 minutes and crossing the DnB & dubstep genres – is that its 100% FREE!

A Shocking New Vision Of Bass Destruction
Dieselboy’s mix CDs have turned on generation after generation of heads to the sounds of drum and bass. From “Drum and Bass Selection USA” in 1996 to “Substance D” in 2008, each has become a classic for the genre. Recognized for their solid content, clever aesthetics, imaginative concepts, and intense energy, his CDs have set the bar against which other dj’s mix projects are measured. Because he only releases mixes infrequently, these moments are considered a special event.This is one of those moments.
Dieselboy – Unleashed! is his most layered and nuanced studio mix to date. Returning to his old school mixtape roots where he isn’t limited to what tracks he could use or license, Dieselboy has used the opportunity to take Unleashed! to another level.
56 tracks were used to craft a deep and extensive 73-minute mix that reveals itself only after repeated listens. Steering away from banging out an “of-the-moment” forgettable dancefloor rinseout, Dieselboy throws down a wide variety of current and classic tracks and edits, wrapping up the mix with 25 minutes of finely diced dubstep that showcases his current taste in the genre and forthcoming tracks from his dubstep label, Subhuman. Finally, the project is given a tongue-in-cheek graphic treatment that references the exploitation sci-fi fantasy movie posters of of the 1970s. It looks and sounds hardcore.
Here it is – the mix he considers his best to date…
Get ready to test your speakers.

You can snag it below… but be warned: you may never listen to DnB or dubstep the same way ever again.

Dieselboy – Unleashed! by Dieselboy

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3 February [Archive]

Broadcast live on WFCF on February 3, 2011

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Sepalcure – Fleur
Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm (Robot Pirate Monkey Remix)
Kulture – Mako Energy
Von D & Riskotheque – Like A Bird
DJ Shadow – Mongrel Meets His Maker (Sonotech Mix)
Heny G – Candy
Magnetic Man feat. John Legend – Getting Nowhere (Skream Remix)
Skream & Example – Shot Yourself in the Foot Again
I Blame Coco – In Spirit Golden (RackNRuin Remix)
Danny Byrd – We Can Have It All (Koan Sound Remix)
Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
Distance – Menace
Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Hot Mess Remix)
John B feat. Shaz Sparks – Red Sky (John B Dubstep Remix)
Photek – Slowburn
NotioN – Sinful Feelings
Madman & Poets & Soulgrifter- Save Me
Blue Sonix feat. Michael Moulton – Luv Me (Logistics Remix)
DJ Marky & S.P.Y. – Time Moves On
Velocity – Shadow Roll
Donnie Dubson – Battlecat
Sinistarr – I’m Not Done
Command Strange – Close to Me
Blue Motion & Andy Sim – Breezin
Netsky feat. Terri Pace – Mellow
Origin Unknown – Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)
Digital & Outrage – Eclipse
Magnetic Man – Perfect Stranger (dBridge Remix)
Rockwell – Aria
Amit – Gatecrasher
Magnetic Man – I Need Air (Digital Soundboy Remix)
Cube – Metrolovers
Receptor – Belka & Strelka
John B – 5 Times in One Night
The Prototypes – Cascade
Sigma – Stronger
Cyantific – 88MPH
The Brigade feat. Shannon Swain – Rowdy
Chase + Status – Duppy Man
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Clap Your Hands (Phesta Remix)
Kris Kross – Jump (DTX Bootleg)
deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Ghosts N Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)
Example – Girl You Can’t Dance (Chase + Status Remix)

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