Been away a while… So here’s a mix!

So, I’ve been away for a while… over two years, really. Life is weird, right?

But I’ve still been keeping up with tunes and mixing and gigging from time to time.
There’s even been talk of bringing Revival Radio back in some shape or form, for all my Bassdrive heads out there. No promises, but you never know.

Anyway, I got hit up to do a mix for Alpha Rhythm last month, and I wound up being really pleased with a (somewhat inebriated) Sunday evening mix session… Appropriately named “Drinks At Sunset,” it’s got a ‘chill out, but still bounce around’ type of vibe.

I’ll have download links coming shortly – I wanted to let Alpha Rhythm have first dibs, but I also dropped it on Mixcloud, along with a bunch of other live/studio sessions from the past year or so that I’d uploaded recently.

Hope you dig it.


  • Marian Hill – Sideways [Photo Finish]
  • Strife II – Old Souls [Soulvent]
  • Sunchase – Why We Are Here [22:22]
  • Chill Collective – Shadow of Love [C]
  • Silence Groove – Air Up There (Sevin Remix) [Offworld]
  • Random Movement – Cylindrical Body Diameter (Jacked) [Flight Pattern]
  • Whiney – Overflow [Med School]
  • GLXY & DRS – These Lights [Shogun Audio]
  • Phase & Villem – Cut ‘Em Loose [Vandal]
  • Serpico – Illusion [Integral]
  • Need For Mirrors – Chapel [Getahead]
  • Spectrasoul – Burst ft. Dan Moss (Calibre Remix) [Ish Chat]
  • Artificial Intelligence – Say Now [Getahead]
  • Nymfo – Time Zone [Spearhead]
  • Air.K & Cephei – Way Home [Integral]
  • High Contrast – If We Ever (Unglued Remix) [Hospital]
  • Squash! – One! [Med School]
  • Ownglow – Strip It Down [DNBA]
  • DJ Patife & Vangeliez – Unexpected [V]
  • Emperor – Half Makes Whole [Critical]
  • Naibu – Splitter [Warm Communications]


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