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SP’s Tracks & Remixes Now Available on Bandcamp

Selected tracks & remixes by SP have begun to surface on Bandcamp, and are available for purchase!

If you missed these releases when they dropped, or are looking to support SP directly, please head over to

More tracks – including collaborations and never-before-released original music – will be dropping in the coming days and weeks as well, so be sure to click that “Follow” button to stay up-to-date!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.


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Been away a while… So here’s a mix!

So, I’ve been away for a while… over two years, really. Life is weird, right?

But I’ve still been keeping up with tunes and mixing and gigging from time to time.
There’s even been talk of bringing Revival Radio back in some shape or form, for all my Bassdrive heads out there. No promises, but you never know.

Anyway, I got hit up to do a mix for Alpha Rhythm last month, and I wound up being really pleased with a (somewhat inebriated) Sunday evening mix session… Appropriately named “Drinks At Sunset,” it’s got a ‘chill out, but still bounce around’ type of vibe.

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NEW Studio Mixes and Archives from SP!

Attention Messengers!

Just because Subliminal Messages isn’t broadcasting currently, don’t think SP has been out of the game… Quite the opposite, actually.

This month alone, he’s dropped 2 new studio mixes and announced some forthcoming music. Plus, he’s still doing Revival Radio every 2 weeks on Bassdrive, and just opened a new Mixcloud page for the Revival Radio archives!


Grab the new studio mixes (pictured above), check out Mixcloud as he continues to add the older Revival archives to the page, and don’t forget about his Soundcloud page as well!

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SP joins Revival Radio on

Big things happening around Subliminal HQ in the past few months!

Not only has SP been busy with Subliminal Messages, but he’s also working with Rubik Records – assisting with A&R, art design and some of the ‘back end’ aspects of the label, as well as taking on the design duties of the BassdriveTunes label. On Sunday, our friend Jon Methodus – the host of’s Revival Radio and one of SP’s oldest friends and DJ partners – announced that SP will be taking over as the co-host of the show.

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Common Enemies 2 [Event]

Almost one year to the day…
Classic Blends and Subliminal Messages Radio present COMMON ENEMIES 2!

Last year, two of St. Augustine’s music and promotion powerhouses came together to bring the first dubstep-specific event to St. Augustine at Two Hundred Lounge… and this time around, the devastation comes to The Original Cafe Eleven – FOR FREE!!
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SP – Interstellar Transmission [Mix]

A new studio mix from SP!

This time around, SP finds just the right tunes for a winter journey into the deeper regions of the unexplored territory that lies just outside our stratosphere. From the lush soundscapes of Silent Dust’s “The Sun Also Rises,” to the synthetic rhythms of Mav’s “Gracelight” and beyond, Interstellar Transmission takes you beyond the stars and into the endless reaches of the galaxy. Hit the jump for the tracklist and download, with a brief description of the mix from SP himself…

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NO ESCAPE! [Halloween Mix]

Halloween is a mere 10 days away… but the horror begins NOW.

SP’s newest studio mix takes you on a journey into the apocalypse. From the zombie uprising to genetic mutation, with crazed monsters and psychotic killers roaming around every turn, NO ESCAPE! twists and turns through some of the heaviest, evil-themed dubstep music SP could get his rotting paws on.

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Coming October 21…

Just a little teaser for something especially evil coming this Halloween.

More to come…

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BASS FREQ Thursdays [Weekly Event]

Finally, electronic music finds a place in the nation’s oldest city!

Classic Blends, the production company SP works with locally in St. Augustine, will start a new weekly event at Sirens (formerly Ring of Fire, located at 113 Anastasia Blvd., in St. Augustine Beach) beginning September 1.

With rare one-off parties sporadically throughout the year, there has been a call for something more permanent. With the success of local events like 3rd Thursdays at The Garage, Meltdown, and the Classic Blends & Subliminal Messages Radio sponsored Common Enemies show earlier this year, Classic Blends aims to bring bass music to the masses with this new weekly event.

Come hear the latest and greatest in electronic music – from house and electro to dubstep, drum & bass and the increasingly popular moombahton sound – every Thursday, starting next week.

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook… and while you’re there, “like” the Subliminal Messages Radio page, and say hi to some of our friends!

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Midweek Moombah [Mix]

As promised…

On last week’s show, SP promised a new mix for all the Subliminal Messengers since we’re taking this Friday off (not by choice, by the way – other obligations). Well, today, he delivered.

The new mix is called, simply, “Midweek Moombah,” and features the emerging sound of Moombahton (although this is more ‘moombahcore‘  – the more aggressive stuff) and producers like Heartbreak, Munchi, Sluggo, Mendez and more.

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